The Long weekend is coming up! Try something new here in Mactan. Stand Up Paddle Boarding and "BIGIW Paddling" can be your best choice of a great sea adventure and authentic experience of the Mactan Island Water has to offer. Paddle and Sail with us and discover Mactan Island beauty with our very affordable accommodation.

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The Island of Mactan in Cebu has deep crystal blue water that makes it one of the country's finest dive spot destination. Experience colourful and diverse marine sanctuaries as we bring you with our indelible hospitality experience.

Here is the list of the best dive spots you might consider:

The Kontiki Reef

The shallow part of the reef offers coral mounts set into sea grass beds and an artificial reef artifact, a giant iron clam which was sunk by the team in the 90s.

Tambuli Reef and Airplane Wreck

At a depth of 22m lies the fuselage of an airplane, placed there as an artificial reef including lots of smaller reef fish will approach you, looking for a hand out, since this used to be a fish feeding station.

Hilutungan Island Marine Sanctuary

Diving in Hilutungan marine sanctuary offers a vibrant marine life in shallows.

Nalusuan Island Marine Sanctuary

Excellent diving for beginners and underwater photographers you will encounter a vast colony of blue spotted sting rays.

Talima Marine Sanctuary

The skeleton of a small wreck is home to an array of teeming marine life. With seagrass beds and coral mounts and an amazing fish life. Schools of bat and jack fish swim past as you drift along the wall.

📸by: Kontiki Divers

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Tired of roaming around or finding your Ideal churches for wedding in Mactan Island? Here are the top lists you might consider on your wedding day that will surely capture your best moment in a once in a lifetime experience of your dream wedding, as we offer you our affordable room accommodation with a highly personalized service that brings you to the world of hospitality industry.


Situated from the heart of Mactan, started merely as a district of its mother parish. The design of the church is actually patterned from the hat of Spanish soldiers who once conquered Barangay Mactan under the leadership of Lapu-Lapu the chief man of Mactan. This could be your best choice to take your wedding vows as this church is surrounded with Hotels and Resorts perfect for your dream wedding venue.


is in Opon Town on the historic Island of Mactan. This is one of the famous churches that Mactan has and every 21st of November VDR church celebrates its feast day. This place is perfect for a wedding were people live and experience peace, unity and justice towards everlasting love.


is located in Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City. This could be one of your choices in exchanging your I Do’s, the solemnity of the place that will keep your wedding day extra special and best moment to be painted in your entire life as a couple. This church has a wide and long aisle perfect for the bride and grooms to walk in their most awaited part of being together as a husband and wife.

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“Whale Shark Experience Cebu”

If you have a lust for underwater sea adventure but have not try the famous whale shark swimming here in Cebu Oslob, then you have missed the experience of your lifetime. The intense and nerve-racking feeling swimming with the whale sharks will surely make to your books as one of your most genuine experience.Those whale sharks are vegetarian (as per the locals), so it is very unlikely that you will get eaten by these lovely creatures. It is best to leave the beautiful city of Cebu as early as possible for those big whale sharks have a limited number of hours swimming around the area and you still have to take an approximate of 3 to 4 hours worth of road travel.

After the whale shark experience, it is best to have the island hopping boat in Sumilon Island and Moalboal to have a complete water experience.

To sum up the guide of your future experience here in Cebu, start your day in our budget hotel http://www.sebastienhotel.com/ located very near the Mactan International Airport Cebu. Have an early check-out and take a long road trip to Oslob and enjoy the swimming with the sweet and gentle sharks. Before noon, swim and explore the beautiful white sands and crystal clear water sand bar of Sumilon Island.

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"Pink Bali Beach Mactan, Cebu"

Looking for a good summer vacation? Mactan Island has the newest spot with the most colorful and pinky beach resort, ‘’The Happy Beach Cebu’’. The Happy beach features a Bali like scenery with a mesmerizing ‘’Pink Bali Lounge’’ theme, together with their signature inflatable playgrounds the ‘‘Unicorn Island’’ and “Inflatable Island Cebu”. The newest installation called the “Happy Jungle Lounge” features an exciting and colorful fun jungle atmosphere that could be your next Instagram post.

To help you reach your dream summer destination in Mactan Island, start it at Sebastien Hotel , located from the heart of Mactan, approximately 4.0 km away from The Happy Beach Cebu.

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